• Timings : 9.30 AM - 10.20 AM

    Social-media (especially Instagram) and style trends
    At a time when social media has become the centre of everyone’s attention, when Insta looks are the trending items, have style /fashion influences also moved towards social media world, especially Instagram.

  • 10.20 AM to 10.30 AM – BREAK

  • Timings : 10.30 AM – 11.20 AM

    Style and fashion: two sides of same coin or totally different facets?
    Style and fashion have been intrinsic to each other. Yet, the two are totally different elements in a person's personality. How to ace both, style and fashion, & hit the correct balance?

  • 11.20 AM to 11.30 AM – BREAK

  • Timings : 11.30 AM – 12.20 PM

    Style and showbiz: the age-old partners or mutual beneficiaries?
    From time immemorial, style and showbiz have gone hand-in-hand, and have struck a golden partnership. But do they both help each other or benefit out of their "natural friendship."

  • 12.20 PM to 12.30 PM – BREAK

  • Timings : 12.30 PM – 1.20 PM

    The paparazzi effect: does new "pap culture" put pressure on style quotient? PLUS Airport looks & much more: how much is too much?
    These days, paparazzis are omnipresent – be it outside airport, or high-end restaurants. When new-age celebs are constantly under pap radar, does it put pressure on their style quotient too.

  • 1.20 PM to 1.30 PM – BREAK

  • Timings : 1.30 PM – 2.20 PM

    Cracking the style code: is there a sure-shot mantra to hit it out of the park?
    In the fast-changing world of fashion and style, what’s the mantra to stay ahead of the game? How can one be sure of coming up with the right style-code, at every given opportunity.

  • 2.20 PM to 2.30 PM – Break

  • Timings : 2.30 PM – 3.20 PM

    Style over comfort, or vice versa? In today's "casual" day-and-age, what takes precedence -- style or comfort? 2
    For a style/ fashion conscious person, what takes precedence nowadays – style or comfort? What should one be more focused on? Shouldn’t style and comfort, both come together?

  • 3.20 PM to 3.30 PM - BREAK

  • Timings : 3.30 PM – 4-20 PM

    Heeramandi session – classic style, timeless appeal!